Case Studies

Innovation Broker (EIP)

As Innovation Brokers for several EIP Wales projects, our role lies in brining together and supporting groups and individuals to enable innovation.  We provide guidance in project development, encourage out-of-the-box thinking and support targeted knowledge transfer and information exchange. 

We provide the link between practitioners and research, bringing together all parties and facilitating interactions to provide the best outcomes for our clients. 

Projects we are leading as Innovation Brokers includes:

  1. Managing dairy ewes to produce a better outcome for cheese production
  2. Introduce fat-tailed sheep to Wales to satisfy UK market demand
  3. Comparing on-site preservation techniques for fresh Welsh birch sap for use in artisan products by local businesses

Innovation – Internet of Things (IoT)

We believe in innovation.  We have experience working on rural ‘Internet of Things’ solutions to create a connected world where devices and people can connect within a moment’s notice. 

Coming up with AgriTech solutions and creating the next generation of connected devices is a priority area for us to ensure continuous innovation.  Here are examples of projects where we identify how IoT can add value, such as monitoring quality, making working conditions easier and lowering costs.

  1. Using ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) technology to improve slurry management on farms
  2. Early adoption of on-farm ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) sensor networks to alert and notify farmers to improve farm security

We have also created bespoke educational packages for schools and businesses, which aim to assist teachers to provide imaginative and creative educational visits, experiences and activities.  Resources are designed to reflect the requirements of the new Curriculum for Wales. 

Feasibility Studies

We have experience in working with partners on various feasibility studies, that takes relevant project factors into account to quantify project impact.


We have experience of holding workshops and webinars in a range of fields, including agriculture, food and drink and education.

We ran a series of webinars to respond to the challenges facing the wool industry for Arloesi Gwynedd Wledig. 


We have provided meaningful presentations across a wide range of topics.  We design and present impactful presentations to suit the needs of our partners.  Bespoke training packages have been created to support new Curriculum for Wales developments.  

New Product Development (NPD)

We have supported businesses to plan and organise new product development processes, providing research-based reports using surveys and focus groups. We also support businesses to establish a pricing strategy, develop a brand and to plan investment carfeully.


Here are some of the companies we have supported to bring a product to market:

  • Jones o Gymru
  • Blodyn Aur
  • Calon Lân

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