Gwireddu gyda’n gilydd // Together we’ll make it happen

How we can help

Lafan Consulting Group was founded in 2020 to work with clients and partners to bring people together, deliver ideas, work on solutions and to innovate. Rooted in Wales, with a team of specialists working from home in their communities, we understand what the challenges on the ground are and how people feel.

The Lafan team are committed to working collaboratively – “together, we’ll make it happen.” Every day, we are fascinated by the power of bringing people together and supporting them along a journey.

The team collectively showcase significant experience in project management, strategic development, facilitation and mentoring. Drive and enthusiasm are key attributes of the team, along with strong communication and interpersonal skills. The vast amount of practical experience within the team offers a unique understanding and perspective.

At Lafan Consulting Group we are committed to working with you.  We operate a team approach and have a diverse network of partners and leading specialists.  Together we can make it happen. 

What we do


Monitoring and Evaluation

We believe effective monitoring and evaluation ensures you get the most from your project. 

We differ with our emphasis on continuous and participatory approaches. 


Farmer Group Support

We have strong relationships with farmer groups, offering guidance on making applications, project support and on-going assistance on productivity and sustainability. 


Project Design and Management

We work in collaboration with our clients to design, manage and deliver projects to ensure strategic achievements.  Our broad experience brings a unique perspective.


Supply chain development

We are experienced in all aspects of food chain development, providing clear, concise deliverables and pragmatic solutions in collaboration with our SME partners. 


New Product Development (NPD)

We pride ourselves in working with our partners to analyse and identify opportunities and getting new products to the market. 



We support our partners to innovate in the rapidly evolving agricultural industry, applying a unique insight on agricultural opportunities, such as Internet of Things (IoT) technology.


Food policy

We appreciate the impact of food policy and can undertake comprehensive reviews to ensure goals are achieved.  We provide feasibility studies and policy making facilitation. 



We have vast hands-on experience in education and can offer bespoke consultancy service and deep insight on learning, teaching, assessment and the new Curriculum for Wales. 



We like our partners to benefit from effective communications.  Our services include writing and issuing press releases, social media plans and content curation.

Case Studies


As Innovation Brokers for several EIP Wales projects, our role lies in brining together and supporting groups and individuals to enable innovation.  We provide guidance in project development, encourage out-of-the-box thinking and support targeted knowledge transfer and information exchange. 

New Product Development

We have supported businesses to plan and organise new product development processes, providing research-based reports using surveys and focus groups. We also support businesses to establish a pricing strategy, develop a brand and to plan investment carfeully.

Feasibility Studies

We have experience in working with partners on various feasibility studies, that takes relevant project factors into account to quantify project impact.

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